My name is Acacia - and to put it simply, I love Pau Kaya.
But more than Pau Kaya - I love exploring, and learning, and growing.

I'm a big advocate of appreciating life! I've been lucky enough to see a small portion of the world, and make some of my dreams come true these past few years: - from travelling, to studying, to working, volunteering and being an active youth in the community - and I guess it's about time I write about my experiences :) 

This blog is will share some back stories, experiences, photos I've never really published, and some things I've learned along the way. All content is my own, unless otherwise stated.

I hope you enjoy seeing the world with me, and I hope what I've learned along the way will be of some use to you :)

All comment, feedback, questions and suggestions are welcome!

Random details: 
Name: Acacia Mardiana
You can call me: Sha :D
Birthday: 16th March
Nationality: Malaysian
Places I've lived: Manchester, Shah Alam, London
Education Institutions: 
Abraham Moss High School, Manchester. 
SMK Seksyen 9, Shah Alam. UiTM, Shah Alam. 
University of Greenwich, London .
Favourite Escape: Putrajaya
Places I would love to go to: Salt planes of Salar Uyuni, Bolivia. And Petra, Jordan.
Places I'd love to go back to:  Tokyo, Japan.
Favourite Authors: Paul Coelho, Khalid Hosseini, Darren Shan (to name a few.. this is a long list...)
Favourite Book: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
Favourite Song: Again, too many. But I'll put B.O.B. - Ghost in The Machine
Dream concert: The Fray
Favourite movie: Pirates of the Caribbean. Jeux D'enfants.
Favourite item of clothing: this one old grey t-shirt with random graphics.
Dream event: Lantern Festival in Thailand, Day of the Dead in Mexico
Food I love: Bergedil. Lasagna. Pau Kaya. Nasi Lemak. 
I'm not into: Narrow minded people. 
Favourite memory: Too many. But I once had this impromptu picnic by a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains in Scotland with my family on a roadtrip around the highlands when I was nine. That.. and winning a medal for Malaysia during the 2008 F1 In Schools World Championships :) 


Sheena Shahimi said...

I love your blog :) keep inspiring us - always! Love, S.

SYED NABIL said...

When did u live in Manchester? Because i went to AMHS aswell till year 9, then i went back to Malaysia. We could've met each other!

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