I was one of those highly expressive kids that had to scribble and doodle on evverrryythingg. If you browse through old family albums, you'll see my weird wobbly characters all over the first pages and dividers, because I just couldn't get my hands on enough paper. I even used to draw on the walls - they're all painted over now.

I've sort of calmed down a little since then and have now kept my drawings on proper sketchbooks (I have too many of these, they're never filled up no matter how many resolutions I make). 

I've had the opportunity to contribute my work with a number of organizations, including the Selangor Public Library Corporation (PPAS) and the youth events group Random Alphabets (RA). When I am diligent, and have spare time to sketch, I upload some of my illustrations online. 

And you can view them on :)


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