The execution of this #Lakarya project started on a whim, actually. One random, bored afternoon in London, having edited my #karyacacia video I thought - hey, why don't I expand this, and share this out? My internal (and eternal) life motto of appreciating "the bigger, positive things", of exploring and learning the many daily heroes and contributions from people of all walks of life - all this, part and parcel to the eventual realisation of this idea.

Basically, #lakarya is a hashtag project for all of us, to share what inspires us most. Wherever we are, whatever we're doing, however we're feeling. You only need a book, and a hand posing with that book. The pages can be filled with anything: thoughts, sketches, quotes, hadeeth, doodles, stickers, stamps, secrets and many more. It can be anywhere: on a mountain, at the beach, during a traffic jam, at dinner or while studying. A piece of us shared and contributed with each other for the world to see. An act of kindness. A good vibe. It's for the moments that inspire. 

You can view the project here https://www.instagram.com/la.karya/

I'm surrounded by so many amazing people on a daily basis, and this is for them. For you. For everyone. Stay inspired, always :)


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