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One sunny Sunday morning, I decided to do a little sketch to mark my presence in Sydney. It was the first time I had ever travelled outside of Malaysia alone, and I had just finished my degree, I was free - life was great! The night before, I had ran back into K-Mart at 12am to get a pack of crayons just to be able to do some sketches :D It was supposed to end there, I didn't think more about it - but then when we visited Melbourne, I thought - hey, why don't I do one for this city as well? Ever since, it's become a mini project for every city  I've visited!

As of February 2016, the journal has travelled to.. Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Hakone, Siem Reap, Krabi, Beijing, Berlin, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Uludag, Dublin, Edinburgh, Snowdonia, Muscat, Athens, Rome, Vatican City, Krabi, Phuket, Barcelona, Valencia, Porto and Lisbon! Phewh. 

Nowadays, I try do one just before a trip - which gives me time to research a suitable artistic pattern for the background, and try out different fonts or art mediums. Although sometimes, I end up last minute looking for pencils/crayons in the city itself haha #imnotthatorganized #iwishiwas 

For 'Bali', I borrowed Putu's colours, she's the daughter of the owner of our homestay in Ubud (in the photo it's her fingers holding the book!). I painted 'Valencia' at the backpackers hostel I stayed in Barcelona, much to the amusement of other guests. I did 'Dublin' at 4am in Stansted airport (after buying colourful pencils at the store there), half asleep while waiting for my flight. Out of all these, I think Istanbul is my favourite. There was something new and different about the background patterns that I had never done before :) 

Right now, there's only a couple of pages left on the book! The rest is filled with sketches, notes, ticket stubs, polaroids, and it's very thick. It's actually almost falling apart hahaha from all the moving. I really don't know what will be the last cities to complete it.... not yet at least ;)

Maybe one day I'll share out the rest of the pages. For now, hope you guys enjoyed the video!

 Funfact 1: this was edited entiredly on my iphone 5s using the 'imovie' and 'photogrid' app. It took about 4 hours (because I had to collect all the images). 

Funfact 2: I made this video as an entry for the Air Asia Asean Traveller contest for the "instagram artist" category (hence why the images in this video are edited to be square). I made it as a finalist and had an interview. Unfortunately, as I am still studying in London, I wouldn't have been able to go back for the trip. 


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