Team Loli

Project Loli was founded by a group of friends who thought: won't it be cool to do social experiments? Basically, we had a bunch of fun conducting installations that encouraged activity and reactions within the community. We recorded hidden reactions, we built interactive 'boxes', we provided electrical services, and much more! It's been carried on by several people and teams throughout the years, not just the core group.

We started the Loli initiative in 2011. Ever since, we've done a couple of events, worked with many partners, received support from local celebrities, was invited as a feature in Urbanscapes, and we've even been covered by Time Out KL, among other local media platforms! :) It's called Loli because one of our team members happened to be eating a lollipop when we first decided to form the group :D

You can view the introduction video  here, and more of our videos on our youtube page! :) Link!


We were bus/art installation with GTP Roadmap at the October Tweetfest back in 2012! 

One of our write ups for our collaboration with for #KotakMalaysia to be featured in Urbanscapes!

Battman - the phone charging project hehe. 

Belakang Cerita as an exhibition in Publika, Damansara. We encouraged people to write and share stories, or paste pictures :) 

It was a very eye opening experience to plan, conduct and work out all these activities and events! Each one took months to pan out. It's great to get active and be involved and if you have an idea, I encourage you to work it out! :D


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